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Amnion and Amniotic Fluid


What is Amnion or Amniotic Membrane?

The amniotic membrane or “amnion” is the thin tough innermost membrane of the placenta that protects a growing baby from injury and infection during pregnancy. It also protects the baby by providing a barrier to the mother’s immune system so that the baby is not seen as something foreign. The amniotic tissue and amniotic fluid together are important to the development and protection of the baby until they are born.

How is Amniotic Membrane used in Medicine?

The amniotic membrane is a very unique tissue consisting of several layers. It can be used for a variety of therapeutic and healing purposes because it contains collagen and multiple growth factors.

There is a long history of using human amniotic membrane in medicine. Therapeutic applications include healing difficult wounds, healing skin and eye injuries, pressure ulcers, burns and gum disease. It is a natural membrane that can aid in surgery to reduce inflammation and scarring.

Rich in Collagen and growth factors, Amnion helps to promote growth of new cells replacing lost, aging or damaged tissue.

Using Amnion for with PRP for rejuvenation makes senses. It is a source of collagen that can serve as a natural scaffold for cellular attachment. Adding PRP to Amnion will enhanced the number of growth factors that can be activated to regenerate tissues. The two work synergistically toenhance results.

*Every patient is unique and individual experiences will vary regarding downtime and results.